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  Cheats with the sims (tips and tricks) - Off Topic
  Posted by: azzkiker on 08-30-2003 @ 00:57
This News Item has been viewed 29,876 times


Yours truly,

To activate a cheat you might have to first press

[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, or
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] [ALT] + C

Then type type in one of the following:


autonomy Control independence of The Sims. Enter a value between 1 and 1000.
grow_grass Does exactly what it says!
water_tool Turn your home into an island fortress? Why!
klapaucius $1000 Simoleons. FOC!
rosebud $1000 Simoleons. FOC! version 1.1
interests View personalities of your Sims.
set_hour Change time of day
move_objects Allows you to move any object. Just set it to "on".
refresh_faces Refreshes BMP files.

Other stuff you can do in The Sims

Have more money.
Do a break during play then press "M".

Stop the bus! If you need to stop teh school bus from leaving, just do a "move_objects on" and put somebody in the road.
Loads of energy Have loads of energy without actually doing anything! Save in the "Options" menu.Switch "move_objects" on in buying mode then select your Sim and delete it. Go back in "Life Mode" and resurrect the Sim. You will find that it no longer needs anything!

Hot Tub Tactics
The hot tub is by far the best value in the game because it contributes to three motives (four, if there are other Sims in the tub). It can be used to replace any fun/bath objects and it's also a great way to put visiting Sims in a good mood to increase the likelihood of a positive result from an interaction. Even though it is expensive, it is recommended to buy one as soon as possible after starting a game. (Just make sure that you have a phone to call the repairman when it breaks.)

Cunning Eight-fold Way!
Start an eight Sim family ... turn "free will" off temporarily ... buy a desk, computer and chair and get each Sim a job ... sell back the desk, computer and chair ... buy a fridge ... turn "free will" back on and play in high speed. Now all you have to do is make sure your Sims go to work each day. No matter how bad a mood they are in, they never lose their jobs -- with eight Sims working you'll earn between $800 and $2000 a day. With only a fridge, the bills will be VERY low and it won't take long to build up a sizeable bank account. When you have enough money, just kill off any extra unwanted Sims.

Slot Machine Tip
The downloadable slot machine is a money cheat. If your Fun motive is low, your odds of winning simoleans are very high.

Unnecessary Loss
Buy both the fire and burglar alarms to prevent unnecessary losses.

Catch a Burglar
The best place to put a burglar alarm is where visiting Sims enter and exit the Lot. This can also be an easy way to make some extra cash. Placing the burglar alarms indoors can be iffy because once the burglar starts running, the cop can't catch him. Placing the alarms on a wall segment on the corners of the lot will cause them to go off the second the burglar steps onto the lot. The burglar will get caught every time, and the policewoman will give you $1000 for the catch. (One more thing: Don't bother to call the police if you don't have an alarm; they won't make it before the burglar gets away.)

Slow Down Sim
Need to slow a Sim down? Holding the cursor over any unselected Sim slows them down -- he or she will move at a much slower rate until the cursor is no longer over them.

Gardening For Profit
When creating your yard, flowers and trees add almost equivalent value to room score, but trees don't require any maintenance. The gardener can water flowers for you, but you will save a lot of money in the long run if you use trees and not flowers.

Cash for Tombstones?
Need to get rid of an extra Sim or two? Build a small pool (3x3) with a ladder. Have the extra Sims get into the pool and then remove the ladder. As soon as the Sims run out of energy they will drown. As an added bonus, the resulting tombstones can be sold for $5 each.

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          Previous News Post 08-29-2003 @ 02:34 - Listen to the first song off of Sarah McLachlan's new album. For The Sims fans.

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